How To Prevent Pest In Your Car

Pests in cars can be incredible annoying. Not only that, but they can also attract other pests too. Most of the time we will not know they are there until they have died. Once they have died, they will leave an awful smell. The smell is usually the only way to know if pests have been sitting in our car.

The good news however, is that there are a few things we can do to prevent such pests from coming into the car. We will now have a look at How to prevent pests in your car and keep it pest free by!

car pest prevention tips


Make Sure It Is Always Clean.

Keeping the car clean on a regular basis is a must if you want to prevent pests from coming into it. Not just sometimes, but all of the time. Keeping it clean all the time, is, without a doubt, the best thing to do to keep it pest free.

Give The Car A Good Vacuum.

As you do with the carpets in your home, giving the carpets in your car a good vacuum is a must. If your vacuum is not suitable for vacuuming out a car, then vacuuming can be done at a car wash or petrol station. In fact, this will be better than doing it yourself as they will have all of the correct equipment to do this job properly.
Use Vanilla, Vinegar and Lemon.
Use these three ingredients to create a solution. This solution does a fantastic job of preventing pests from getting into the car. Most pests hate smells and will run or die as soon as they can smell something they don’t like. This solution is an excellent quick fix. Eucalyptus and other such herbs can also stop such pests from coming into the car.

Use A Commercial Repellent.

These days, there are all kinds of commercial repellents that can remove pests from cars. The best kind of commercial repellent to use is a dry predator urine one. If you are not sure which commercial repellent, try asking your local car dealership, mechanic or other professional car person. Make The Most Of Dry Sheets.
Dry sheets is a great way to stop pests from getting into your car. Dryer sheets can be found at your local supermarket. Once you have these sheets, put them as close as you can to the areas where the pests may be getting into the car. Regularly change the sheets in order to make sure the smell remains strong. Take the sheets out of the car when in use.


The best kind of peppermint to use to get rid of pests from your car is Fresh Fab by Earthkind. This is a very natural mixture of oils, plant fibers and peppermint. It comes in five pouches which are anywhere from three to five inches in size. These are ideal for stopping pests from getting into the car.

Use Mortein.

Mortein is a spray that is fantastic for killing pests. Not only in your home, or workplace, but also in your car. There are also tea lights, lanterns and candles that come with this excellent brand to scare away pests.

Cockroach Traps and Roach Baits.

If you suspect there are cockroaches in your car, then cockroach traps are a fine way to get rid of these annoying pests. Simply place them in various locations in your car while no one is in it. Also consider using Roach Baits as well as the traps but understand that these things may take a little while to work. Be patient and give them time to do their job.

Go To A Fumigator.

If you are having difficulty removing pests from the car, then consider taking it to a professional fumigator. A professional fumigator will be able to remove all of the pests from the car in one go. Such professionals will also have the correct equipment. They will also remove the pests in the safest way possible.

These are just a few of the different things you can do to prevent pests in your car. During the colder weather it is normal to notice smells in cars. If there are big pests in the car, then understand that it is important that something gets done straight away. Never put it off. If you put it off then they are sure to create big and unnecessary problems.